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Kristian Aartun
DNBN Chairman & Founder
As the youngest Managing Director of a European record company, Edel Records AG Norway branch, Kristian started his career at the young age of 19. During his time with Edel he also founded Music Export Norway and was a board member for the Norwegian Grammy Awards and for the Ethical Conduct Committee for Norwegian Record Companies. Under his leadership, 2.5 million CD’s were sold in Norway before he moved on and became the Managing Director of EMI Publishing Norway AS. IN 2003 he founded his first radio station, Radio City, which became Norway’s most popular radio station.

After selling Radio City he took over Kraftfestivalen, a 5-day live music festival as a Chairman and founded another radio station in 2009, Radio 3. By that time a serial entrepreneur, Kristian wanted to explore adventures outside the music industry and started a magazine called “Kraftmagasinet” in 2009.

With a growing focus on inspiring others through innovation, new leadership styles and out of the box thinking he started NIEC in 2011, Norwegian International Entrepreneur Conference. With his large and international network, entrepreneurial speakers from all over the world have played a role in NIEC. With his unique experience  and his enthousiastic style as an entrepreneur  bridge builder and advisor. Kristian founded DNBN in 2012.
Kristian is Executive Chairman and Founder of the Dutch Norwegian Business Network.

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paul iske

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Prof. Paul Iske
DNBN Vice-Chairman Netherlands
Paul Iske is professor at the School of Business and Economics, University Maastricht, Netherlands, focusing on Open Innovation and Business Venturing. Special topic: Combinatoric Innovation (Innovation by Combination). He is member of the Management Team of the Service Science Factory ( and he is on the Board of the Network of Social Innovation.

Paul Iske is Chief Dialogues Officer and Director of the Dialogues Incubator at ABN AMRO Bank. In these roles he is responsible for open, radical, social and sustainable innovation.

Paul founded the “Institute of Brilliant Failures” (, which aims to highlight the importance of experimentation and to get acceptance for failing as an inevitable part of innovation processes..
On a free-lance basis, Paul acts as a board-room consultant, supporting organisations in the development and implementation of programs focusing on leveraging knowledge as a strategic production factor. He is also an expert on issues related to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. He is a frequent speaker on international conferences and workshops. General theme in Paul’s professional interests and activities is value creation by ‘smart entrepreneurship’ or ‘intelligent innovation’, which combines innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, knowledge management and collaboration. As ‘Consulting Challenger’ he invites his clients to make the extra step and to look beyond the obvious.
Paul is Executive Board Member of the Dutch Norwegian Business Network.

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Berhard Rikardsen
DNBN Vice-Chairman Norway
Bernhard Rikardsen is a consultant manager at Sariba Consulting AS and chairman of the board of the mother company Sariba AS. Bernhard is also Norway Ambassador of LinKS – Leadership in the Knowledge Society.

He has an education in business administration from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo with several additional educational programs from among others Harvard Business School and The Wharton School. He has 13 years of experience as executive vice president in a major international corporation (SAS Group) with a deep and broad experience as head of human resources, responsible for the corporation’s shared services, and the position as chairman or member of the board of several subsidiaries.

Bernhard has a substantial experience in strategy development, as well as organizational and management development. He is much in demand as a speaker, sparring partner, mentor, and coach for executives and managers on several levels..
He specializes in managing focused work across occupational demarcations, cultures, nationalities, and hierarchical levels. He has several years of experience in strategic HR management, through the disciplines of knowledge management; development of people, managers, and organization; industrial relations; employer branding; people planning and logistics, etc.
Additionally, Bernhard has several years of experience in executive and operational management of organizational transformation programs; change programs enabled by new technology; administration of own and third-party project partners and their interaction with the client organization; strategic choice of business and operational models; analyses, business cases, promotion, and selection of solutions; as well as implementation and profit realization.
Bernhard is Executive Board Member of the Dutch-Norwegian Business Network.

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Lucas den Boer
DNBN General Manager
Lucas den Boer is Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of 1Portal4You International, a 100% online company. With the 1Portal4You commercial business, Lucas den Boer has a valuable way to be also a Social Entrepeneur, supporting non-profit organizations. In 2011 he started sponsoring NGO’s by means of pro bono websites and free consultancy. Using the online world will help fundraising projects get better results. Lucas den Boer has a strong belief in this, and he is glad to give his support to Child & Youth Financial International, Plan International, Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund and other NGO’s, today and in the future.

Lucas den Boer is Program Manager/Principal Consultant at Atos. Strategic Program Management and Strategic Consultancy in the Airline Business is his key competence. He worked for Air France/KLM,, Martinair, Antillean Airlines and Air Aruba.

Lucas den Boer is Thoughtleader at Atos in Future Program Management. Combining his extensive experience in Program Management and knowledge of online solutions & trends, Lucas den Boer has a close cooperation with various specialists worldwide. He is frequent Guest Speaker at meetings and conferences..
Lucas is Executive Board Member of the Dutch Norwegian Business Network.

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Lucas den Boer
DNBN General Manager
Lucas den Boer is General Manager of DNBN. In addition to this, Lucas den Boer is Program Manager/Principal Consultant at Atos. His main focus as Principal Consultant is the Airline Business. Lucas den Boer is also Entrepreneur: Founder and CEO of 1Portal4You International, a 100% online company, and Social Entrepeneur, sponsoring and supporting non-profit organizations, like Child & Youth Financial International, Plan International and other NGO’s.

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Nina Schuitemaker-Wichstrøm
DNBN International Business & Culture Consultant
Nina Schuitemaker-Wichstrøm is a recent graduate from University College London and Stockholm University, where she specialized in Intellectual Property Law, Legal Theory and Multinational Alternative Dispute Resolution. With a Norwegian mother and Dutch father she is well acquainted with the Norge / Nederland connection. She is very excited to contribute to the Dutch Norwegian Business Network. Nina just moved to the Netherlands, after some years in London and a pit stop in Oslo. Before this, she lived in Sweden, The Netherlands, Argentina, Singapore and the US. Her mission at DNBN is to facilitate win-win situations by understanding and bridging cultural differences.

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Fanny Verhagen
DNBN International Business & Media Consultant
Fanny Verhagen is Business Consultant at Atos. She recently joined Atos’ Telecom, Media and Technology unit. Besides her interest in Telecom and Media, her degree in International Politics and participation in various networks, show her passion for international relations. As DNBN’s newest member, Fanny will be responsible for interviews and blogs on our website.

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Lisa Lipkin
DNBN Professional Storyteller
For over twenty-five years, Lisa Lipkin worked as a professional storyteller, writing and performing original works internationally, before founding Story Strategies (, a consultancy that helps organizations find and tell their stories more effectively. Her articles and stories have appeared in the New Yorker, New York Times Magazine, Salon, and Self, among others. She is the author of Bringing the Story Home: the Complete Guide to Storytelling for Parents, and the editor of five books of American poetry. She resides in Amsterdam.F

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