Your Benefits

Membership Benefits

DNBN has chosen to offer a wide range of beneficial services, to support YOUR COMPANY in fulfilling their mission:

  • A special promotion page of YOUR COMPANY on DNBN website, with all information and links YOUR COMPANY wants to explore
  • A video interview* with DNBN, to present YOUR COMPANY on the DNBN website
  • YOUR COMPANY will get free entrance to all DNBN non-eclusive and specific exclusive events for a maximum of 1 to 5 employees*
  • YOUR COMPANY will get discount* on specific exclusive DNBN events
  • YOUR COMPANY may use the DNBN network, knowledge and brand for their own business expansion purposes
  • YOUR COMPANY may use the DNBN platform for communication* (publishing YOUR COMPANY blogs and news articles on DNBN website related to the Dutch/Norwegian markets)
  • YOUR COMPANY will be positioned in the list of DNBN Members. This list will be published in occassions based on DNBN’s decision
  • YOUR COMPANY may participate in DNBN webinars for network and knowledge sharing
  • YOUR COMPANY will be introduced by DNBN as a new DNBN member in the DNBN communication
  • YOUR COMPANY will get a onetime 20% commission of the membershipfee for each new DNBN member they bring in via their own network
  • YOUR COMPANY will get limited/full support* from DNBN in terms of brainstorming, general information and questions & answers. Any additional DNBN activities with a commercial focus, that consumes time from DNBN, will be part of the DNBN professional services and are not included in the Corporate DNBN Membership.
  • YOUR COMPANY may contact DNBN for requesting their commercial professional services. DNBN will make a quote (free of charge) for the services they can offer YOUR COMPANY
  • YOUR COMPANY may proactive suggest new ways of cooperation and/or business development with DNBN
  • DNBN will proactive inform YOUR COMPANY in case of new opportunities
  • DNBN will inform YOUR COMPANY about the cultural differences between the Netherlands and Norway

* Depending on the type of Membership