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Innovation and Entrepreneurship important for Norway


There is a difference between entrepreneurs/innovators from other people. Innovators and entrepreneurs have a vision and possess the ability to recognize opportunities and sometimes radical new solutions.

Henry Ford once said: ”If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

An essential ingredient for an entrepreneur is also the willingness to take risks. A special set of fundamental skills is also crucial – such as the ability to get hold of the necessary resources.

I would like to share with you a few examples of excellent Norwegian innovators and entrepreneurs:

  • In Norway, and indeed abroad, many people have heard of Opera Software ; who have developed the Opera web browsers.
  • Moods of Norway is also an interesting example. They have succeeded in making coveralls/or “traktordress”es– from a small village in Norway popular in LA.
  • Perhaps not so wellknown is Kebony, who are producing environmental friendly pressure impregnated woodwork for constructions.
  • Aptomar, who have succeeded in developing new solution for safety offshore.

Kebony and Aptomar were rated as number one and two on Deloitte’s “Fast Fifty”- list of the fastest growing companies in Norway the last five years.

To predict the next radical innovation is almost impossible. And, what is certain – it is not governments who should take the credit.

But there are good reasons for us as policy makers, to create framework conditions under which innovative ideas can grow. Because:

  • Entrepreneurs are crucial for economic growth, and for maintaining and further developing the welfare state.
  • We know that new and innovative firms represent an increasing share of employment and production.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship is therefore crucial for innovation and economic development.

This is the why innovation and entrepreneurship policy, is high on the agenda of the Norwegian government.

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